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Shape Up For Summer
If you want to put your best face forward this summer, plastic surgeons have developed ways to give you a quick nip and tuck without the trauma.

By Cheryl Wills

Teresa Wiatrowska is ready to pucker up this summer. Since Mother Nature didn't give her full lips, her plastic surgeon will.

Renowned Midtown plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Evan Sachs has pioneered a new technique for lip enhancement. He calls it Autogenous Tissue Transfer, or ATT.

Dr. Sachs doesn't use collagen, fat injections or anything like that: he fills your lips with your own tissue. He says it lasts much longer than foreign substances.

It's a minimum of five years before you see any resorbtion, and the reason it's so long lasting is because it's your own tissue, so it begins to grow in that area, and it's fresh," says Dr. Sachs.

For that stubborn fat that just won't go away, East Side plastic surgeon Dr. Mauro Romita has a new twist on liposuction.

"You just don't treat the localized fat deposit, you can then treat the intervening areas and reduce the entire volume as a whole, so you can do some very accurate sculpting," says Dr. Romita.

During this surgery, Dr. Romita uses the tiniest instruments possible to suction out fat and sculpt the body.

Meanwhile, New Yorkers are also going nuts over one simple injection that can burn your fat and take away your cellulite. It's called Mesotherapy, and East Side Dr. Lionel Bissoon specializes in it. It involves injecting homeopathic medicine and vitamins into the body, in this case, to get rid of cellulite.

Patients usually see results after two or three sessions, but it's not permanent. Slight bruising is also a possible side effect.

About a month later, NY1 checked back in with our patients. Dr. Romita says his client now has a perfect beach body, and Teresa Wiatrowska is thrilled with her new facelift and her new lips.

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